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We at Shoonya Believe in Adding Values to Individuality

Our Values

Who are we?

SHOONYA- The Studio is  an institution with an idea of imparting ideas through training and education in Fine Arts , Fashion Management, Design Development and Digital Portfolio Development.

What we do?

We thrive individuality by exploring ideas and aesthetics, by providing students groom their skills to transform them into reality for all to see, hear and experience. We aim to effectively implement the liberal education program. We make learning accessible, fun, rewarding and thought provoking. 

Why we do?

The Mission of SHOONYA- The Studio is to inspire, acquire and educate our gifted students to become exceptional artists, with a devoir to promoting remarkable ethical values, aesthetics and professional demeanor.  We derive to foster community between students, parents and staff.

Meet The Mentors


Salonee Ambuj Singh

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Ambuj Singh

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